2012 Swim Vietnam Latest Update

OMG you would not believe the changes that have happened over the past 2 years.  The instructors are doing a great job and are really very good and would give some of our guys in Oz a run for their money.  We now have the two pools in Hoi An and another being built this June and also two demouontable pools about 20kms from here.

Jo is doing a great job now and has been working hard for the program and it is jumping along in leaps and bounds.   The boys are very excited about their big trip to Australia and  we spent yesterday going over powerpoint presentation that they will present at the course.  They are actually doing the presenters course (i hope to be doing mine  in July at the conference) so they will be pretty well occupied the whole time they are in Perth. Dick Johnson from Hillarys Rotary are sponsoring the trip for the boys.  They have a very full agenda and they have a free day on Saturday 16 June then on the Sunday they have a  masters swimming event at Riverton Masters long course.  .

AJ and I leave here on Saturday which I am not looking forward to I must say.  Next year I hope to come back for a longer time perhaps 2 to 3 months.  The Instructors really don't need any help and just last week Tao was directing AJ and me what to do next with the kids had a big giggle with that.  They are showing so much initiative and I am so proud of them.

So this is my adventure for 2012.  Keep watching this space for the next exciting episode!

President, Water Skills for Life

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