2012 The Second Week

Week 2 in Hoi An saw Fiona arrive to stay for the week.  

Had lots of fun showing her around Hoi An and the many shops and eating places it was so nice to be able to show her what I have been going on about over the last two years and she has seen it for herself. 

I have also been helping some of the businesses here with some design work for flyers and menu boards which I was happy to do got to eat for free at Dingo Deli yum yum yum!!  

So back to the swimming and what I really came here to do. Seen many of the teachers do their teaching at both the school pool in town and at Palm Gardens.  OMG you should see how well they are teaching now. 

It is just amazing to see how far they have come there are even two of the senior teachers coming to Australia to WA to join a austswim course and help as a teacher trainer.  Trung and Vinh are so excited!!

Till next time - give a skill for life to save a life...

President, Water Skills for Life

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