2012 Next Update

So last Friday AJ arrived and Mary moved out to stay with her sisters in the Hoi An hotel in town. 

On Sunday we had our big training day for the teachers which went really well.  Trung and Vinh were the presenters and we assisted as we wrote the training session.  The boys performed really well they are becoming a great asset to Swim Vietnam. 

Since AJ has been here we have been having a great time.  She has seen a great improvement in the program from last time she was here two years ago.  We have had a bbq at Van's house with 15 of the teachers and I have purchased a camera for them to use in the program as none of them have one.  Unbelievable isn't it.  They were so appreciative and now they can take photos on their trip to Oz.  

Well the last week of my 2012 adventure is approaching far too fast.  it is great to have AJ here and we picked up where we left off in 2010 full of laughs and gin & tonics!!

See you all very soon back in oz and not looking forward to the cold weather!

President, Water Skills for Life

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