2012 the first week

Well this is just a brief overview of the last week and I have kept pretty busy.

Fiona arrived on Saturday and she is having fun with clothes, shoes and bags being made and going to my friend Van for cooking class today at green bamboo.

So the craziness of this place and the many visitors is continuing and its so much fun. This together with the swim program have kept me pretty busy.

As I type the place next door to me is a construction for a new house. When I arrived it was a bare plot of land and within the time I have been here a two story house is half way complete. You should see how things are built here it is just too funny to watch. Would never happen in Oz.

So for those who have been following from the beginning there always has been some little thing which has made my trip here an experience to remember. The first year it was the bike (and yes my bike this year and I are only acquaintances not friends yet!) the second was the concrete bed and who could ever forget that! and this year its the padlock on the gate OMG it is so hard to unlock and the opening too small to manoeuvre in I have a bruise on my hand and its not funny. Took me over 20mins one night to try and unlock in the end I had to call the landlord for help. As they say here Oi Joy Oi!

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