2012 Week 3...

So week 3 rolled on and Mary came to Hoi An with her sisters and we had a lot of fun.  

Mary stayed in my house as it was easier to show her the swim program.  So i played tour leader again around Hoi An it was so much fun showing people around and showing them places to eat and buy clothes shoes etc.  

Mary and I went to the school pool and did an additional training session with the teachers who will be teaching adults so they could brush up on their skills.  This worked really well and Mary played the part of the scared swimmer.  

Over the next two weeks we went to Nam Phouc school which is 20km from Hoi An where a new demountable pool is located.  We met the new teachers and the headmaster at the school and had lunch at one of the teachers houses which was a great experience for Mary. 

There is so much happening here it is hard to put it all in writing.  So it is safe to say the program is going from best to better and the future is looking really good.  I have been able to help Jo with lots of things not only teaching/training so I am happy to report that yes I will be returning next year.

Happy (and safe) Swimming.

President, Water Skills for Life

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