2013 Journey Begins....

Well the first three weeks of this years adventure was spent with my friend Jenny and I travelling through Vietnam and Cambodia and ending in Hoi An where I am at the present volunteering with swim Vietnam again for the 4th year.  

On my arrival here Jo (Swim Vietnam Director) and the other volunteers met for a meeting in town where I was informed that Jo was heading back to the UK for 10 days and myself and Trung were looking after things while she was away that was all good but she left the same day so a very quick handover. 

Now for the update on the swim program. All is going relative well.  Have been catching up with all the teachers, new and old, and overseeing what they are doing at the two pools in Hoi An, hopping in the pool to help teach which is fab however a soon as I get in I seem to have a class of my own.  too funny these poor kids have to put up with my very limited Vietnamese but they all have a giggle and do understand with a hand action (yes still not mastered the pronunciation!!)  still a few issues with water quality and other small stuff but on the whole the teachers are doing a great job.  This week we have 9 prospective teachers from one of the outlying areas where swim Vietnam will be putting up another pool so that will make 6 in total.  These guys are all sports teachers from the local schools and they all have told me they can swim very well but on further inspection yesterday at the pool some have it and some don't so there is fair bit of training to happen to get them up to standard.

The other volunteers here are having a ball. There are three from Australia and two from Ireland.  They have worked out at Dai Loc and Nam Phouc and have experienced so much of Vietnamese life they had some very funny stories to tell.  I have had so many dinners, coffees and catchups which has been really nice seeing all my friends here in Hoi An and looking forward to working and helping out. So now we are up to date I hope that you are all well and I will keep you posted.

There have been a lot of changes here in Hoi An and the program is progressing to adding another pool at the end of the year so that will make a total of 6 pools.  

I have some talking/meetings with Jo to do to see what happens in the future.  

Wish you were all here enjoying the heat!!!

Water Skills for Life

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