The Beginning of My Journey

In July 2009, I applied to volunteer as a swim instructor with Swim Vietnam. The program is run by Joanne Stewart and is supported by Tribob Triathalon Club in Singapore. In December of 2009 I was accepted into the program and that’s where the fun began.

I spent 2 months in Hoi An during May and June of 2010 and taught around 160 children. The program in 2010 has taught over 700 children to swim with a main focus on water safety. One of main objectives during this wonderful experience was to help guide and give my expertise on teaching to the Vietnamese swim instructors providing them with new ideas and techniques to use and to demonstrate to them on how we teach in Australia so they could achieve their Austswim qualification.

The children, who attend the program, come from 16 different primary schools in Hoi An and participate in swimming lessons for 3 days a week over a 6 week period. When the children first come along most of them have never seen a pool let alone be able to swim. The first lesson is to assess their abilities and they can an cannot do. The program is designed to have the children learn at slow and steady pace with the emphasis on being safe in the water. Each child who participates must complete a list of water safety questions and be able to swim 20m of any stroke including survival strokes to be presented with a certificate at presentation day.

During the time I spent teaching and living in Hoi An it became apparent that the program really needed a helping hand to keep it operating. So I am putting in place fundraising events to help the program to continue into the future.

Until next time…why not give a skill for life to save a life..

Water Skills for Life

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